Ometto Interior offers a wide range of modern home lighting solutions.

Design chandeliers, spotlights and LED strips: all the modern home lighting solutions

Home lighting is sometimes regarded as a matter of secondary importance: it is instead one of the most important parts, especially for the final result. A house with well-designed lighting makes for an ambience pleasant at sight, enhances décor choices and meets the daily needs of its inhabitants.
Today the use of modern solutions and technology allows you to illuminate the home reducing electricity consumption.

Home Lighting: all the options

Planning home lighting requires skills of lighting technology and a good knowledge of all the technologies available today. Some rooms require a direct, intense light, others, soft and relaxing: all depends on what we want to achieve.

There are numerous home lighting possibilities:

  • suspension lamps: a widespread solution where the chandeliers are hanging from the ceiling by cables of varying lengths.
  • wall lamps: ideal for many environmental contexts, easily adapted even in small rooms.
  • appliques: limited measure lamps, they can be fitted onto walls and directed wherever is desired, allowing for a relaxing and harmonious light.
  • downlights: compact and unobtrusive lighting systems, suitable for any style of home.
  • LED lights: an efficient and increasingly widespread solution, allowing customized solutions and reduced power consumption.
  • floor lamps: lamps in the name of simplicity, they require no installation and are easy to move.
  • LED strips: one of the latest lighting systems, they are cost effective and give an excellent performance, lending themselves to particular light compositions.

Home lighting: choosing the right one

Unplanned lighting can ruin even the most stylish furniture: for this reason, our work includes a professional light design service. We create a efficient and functional system choosing the lighting system best suited for the characteristics of the environment.

Come find us and together we’ll design your home lighting system.

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