Ometto Interior creates modern internal doors: high-efficiency technology and design

Internal Doors: Safety meets Aesthetics

Choosing the right internal doors for a building is an important task. The function of the doors is manifold: they ensure smooth flow between the different ambients of the building, isolate one space from the other, as well as safeguard privacy for the people who use them. In short , they need to work within the space available to guarantee high standards of safety and functionality. Moreover, internal doors are an essential part of interior design, and must therefore be in keeping with the home style overall.

Internal Doors: all the options

Modern design offers multiple options, which differ in materials, technology, and aesthetic effect.
There are three main types of doors.

  • Hinged Door The most traditional door: single or double leaf, with a smooth finish or split into panels.
  • Sliding Door With this type of door, the leaf slides into the counter frame cavity in the wall or along a rail positioned outside of it. The sliding door can be double leaf, and it’s something we advise when dealing with limited space.
  • Folding Door This internal door comprises two or more panels which, upon opening, fold back in overlapping sections. These models also make for an optimal use of the space and do not require the masonry work otherwise necessary for the door leaf to disappear into the wall.

Materials are also very important: the most commonly used are wood (solid, hollow-core or slats) and glass (tempered or laminated), while metal and varnish are used for finishes.

Internal Doors: Choosing the right ones

The market of interior design offers a great variety of options: visiting our showroom you’ll be able to choose from our wide selection of doors manufactured by some of the leading brands in the market. Additionally, we offer a consultancy service on the design of the environments: we provide information on modern interior design trends and advise you on the best option available.

Come find us, tell us what you envision for the internal doors of your home and we’ll find the ideal solution for you.

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