Ometto Interior designs and creates kitchens in several in styles: we develop the optimal solution to match your taste preferences and space necessities

Modern Kitchens: Furnishing for the beating heart of your home

Kitchen design is a delicate matter, one where different requirements need to be met. For a start, the furniture style needs to blend in with the style of the house as a whole. Above all, modern kitchensneed to feel comfortable for those who make use of them on a daily basis: every household appliance needs to have a designated place, every tool should be easy to reach, materials and surfaces should be easy to clean and maintain.

In many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place where families share their meals, watch movies after dinner, enjoy everyday moments of joyful conviviality. It should be a pleasure to spend time in the kitchen, yet, this needs to be functional and efficient: it’s therefore necessary to determine what kind of use the client is after, the necessities, and just what the available space allows.

Modern kitchens: all the choice

Ometto Interior offers a wide range of kitchens in various types of style and materials.
We provide solid wood kitchens, metal kitchens, as well as a combination of different materials and colours; our kitchen designs range from classic to ultramodern.
Above all, we are delighted to provide kitchen design and installation to meet your needs: our kitchen furniture is directly manufactured at our workshop, or by one of the companies in partnership with us. We work within specific space requirements, and seek to find the optimal balance between furniture and home appliances..

Modern Kitchens: choosing the right one

What’s your ideal kitchen design?How much room to play with will you have? How many people will it cater to? Will you use it to cook on the go, or to prepare three course meals?
The huge variety of home appliances, accessories and furniture components available, means that modern kitchens are easily adaptable to suit every need: but first, there needs to be a clear idea of what these necessities are.
For this reason, we strongly value communication between us and the client, in order to understand your wishes and desires: to help us better guide you through all the options offered by our designs, and to adapt our suggestions to your decisions.

Come find us, tell us about your dream kitchen, we’ll find the ideal solution for you.

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