Ometto Interior offers garden decor furnishings for the design of house exteriors.

Furniture for gardens and the outdoors: design solutions for house exteriors

Ometto Interior offers garden decor furnishings for the design of house exteriors.
Gardens are the calling card of our homes: taking care of exterior design is therefore every bit as interesting, in order to create harmony between inside and the outside of your building. A beautiful exterior design transforms your outdoor area into a useful and pleasant space, contributing to optimal home habitability and increasing the number of usable spaces.

Aside from functionality and aesthetics, outdoor furnishings need to provide good weather resistance: the quality of materials used in their making is therefore of utmost importance.

Garden decor and outdoor furniture: all the options

From tables, chairs and deckchairs, to outside armchairs and sofas, all the way to roofing systems and outdoor curtains. The trends of today offer numerous possibilities for the furniture of the garden: visiting our showroom you will find chairs, sofas, vases, lamps, garden tables of various styles and selected from the best brands on the market.
The great variety of offers and the competence of our experts allow you to easily find the garden furniture solution that best suits your needs.

Garden decor and outdoor furniture: choosing the right ones

Garden decor has to take factor in the allocation of covered areas possibly with gazebos and removable tents, and lighting systems, so that the garden can also be used in the night hours.
When deciding how to design your garden, you will also have to factor in the size of the latter, as well as the use you intend to make of it and the accessories you want for it.
By contacting our technicians you will take advantage of a consulting and assistance service with your garden furnishing choice: starting from your style preferences and the characteristics of your garden we will design your home exteriors with you.

Come find us, tell us what you see for your garden and we’ll find the ideal solution for you.