Contract residence: hotel and spas furnishing design

Ometto Interior offers a contract service for the design and supply of furniture for companies, individuals and public body

Our “residence contract” service covers the design and supply of all the necessary items to furnishing one or more properties. Unlike simple supply, the contract service provides for the management of the entire project, from planning to “turnkey” delivery to the customer.

Contract residence: management skill and knowledge of the market

The quality of our contract residence service owes in the first place to an extensive knowledge of the furniture market in Italy and abroad . Over time we have created a network of suppliers and collaborations with industry companies and professionals : it allows us to optimize cost and time of supplies, while maintaining the required quality standards.
Another key factor is management skill. The contract residence management of service must often contend with tight deadlines and large supplies: this is why we set up our project management so it offers maximum flexibility and plan carefully the preliminary stages.

Contract residence: value added at each stage of the project

Each contract project consists of several stages: in each of them we use our resources to give added value and meet the expected results.


  • Market analysis aimed at the definition of the target and specifications.
  • Development of strategies for the positioning of property in the market.
  • Definition of the basic aesthetics of buildings and technological solutions to implement.
  • Planning of project marketing services and internal communication.


  • Coordination and optimized management of the project’s operational phases.
  • Research and implementation of any necessary improvements.
  • Team supervision during work on site in order to ensure compliance with the deadlines and determine the proposals of the sales documents.
  • Maximum customization: each project is unique and responds in detail to customer requests.


  • Mentoring for marketing managers in the process of commercial launch.
  • Evaluation and implementation of additional services (added value for the property).

Contact us and together we will start to give form to your project.